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One of the most important pieces of advice we can give; use real estate advisors with local knowledge.

Local knowledge, our best tool

We only undertake assignments in areas we have good knowledge of in advance, this applies to both new homes and used homes. When we want to give our customers good advice, it is important that we know the area

The price is the same, regardless

The price of new homes built by developers on the Costa Blanca is the same regardless of who you buy the home through, which means that even if you use Spaniabolig as your adviser when buying a new home, it will not cost anything more than if you had gone directly to the developer. The advantage is that here you get someone who speaks on your behalf and can be your representative towards the developer throughout the entire process.

No shortcuts

We take no shortcuts, buying or selling a home through us is safe. We only use lawyers we have 100% trust in and we only sell homes in property projects we have carefully checked in advance and where the developer provides the necessary bank guarantees. In the second-hand market, we carry out good inspections so that we know what is being sold.

We arrived at a wonderful rental property in Quesada and were met by Christer from Spaniasommer. A wonderful and exuberant man. We have been looking for housing here since May and were now, with the help of Christer, put in contact with Spaniabolig. After a meeting at their office, we felt so looked after and understood. We were offered to be picked up for viewings. After some viewings of new buildings, as well as used homes, countless drives including stories from the various areas, we landed on a dream apartment, created by TM Group and which will be shaped by us in the future. We thank Spaniabolig for the patience, support, countless explanations, understanding, security and ALL the help they have shown us! From now on, we will use their services throughout the Spanish summer, so incredibly easy for us to collect everything in one place in terms of communication and coordination! Espen, we thank you endlessly for everything you have helped us with so far, good conversations and funny stories. We hope for a long cooperation and a good friendship. Can safely recommend Spaniabolig to everyone who dreams of a home here in wonderful Spain.
by Pedersen & Hauge
Hello. We have now been handed over our home in Cuidad Quesada through Spaniabolig. The process has gone smoothly since we made contact in 2022. We had a clear idea of ​​what we were looking for and we got a few days in September with Espen with viewings of different projects in Guardamar, La Mata and La Zenia before we got to Dona Pepa in Quesada. Here we found the place that satisfied our requirements. Here we were shown a project that should be completed by Easter 2023. Throughout the autumn and winter, we must have asked many strange questions and they have been answered as quickly as we asked them. It's amazing how much you can wonder about until the keys are handed over. We do not promise that there will be no more questions. Everyone asked us if it will be finished on time. The answer is that both Spaniabolig and the developer have followed through the construction period and delivered housing to us at the right time. We must also praise the developer that field, Euromarina for good service.
by Vidar Kristiansen
The most important choice you make when buying a property in Spain is to find the right broker who looks after your interests. We spent a long time and talked to many brokers before we landed on Espen in Spaniabolig. Espen is exactly what you are looking for in a broker; competent, available far beyond what can be expected and ensures that your interests are safeguarded in the process. He also has a large network of skilled lawyers, bank contacts and other professionals you need in the process, and he ensures that you are prioritized with them. Espen is not just looking to make a sale, but is keen to build good and long-lasting relationships with his customers. At Spaniabolig you shop safely!
by Kenneth Henriksen
We have experienced very good help from Spaniabolig. They came in at the twelfth hour and held our hands through the rest of the process in a good and safe way. We can certainly recommend Spaniabolig further.
by Bjørn Knudsen
We have had great help from Espen at Spaniabolig. For over a year, he has been working hard, and even though we were a little slow on the trigger, he was able to find our dream home. We are very satisfied with both Espen and the process, and can really recommend Spaniabolig to others who want to buy a home in Spain!
by Hammer & Dyrkorn

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