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Spaniabolig has offices with good exposure in central Ciudad Quesada and we own our own exclusive distribution channel called Spaniasommer with more than 14500 followers on Facebook.

How it works

Selling a home can be a complicated process, in the same way that buying a home in another country can seem scary to many. The pitfalls are many. The housing market in Spain works completely differently to the housing market in most countries around Europe. In Spain, anyone can call themselves a real estate agent, and there are many real estate agents, both serious and non-serious. The difference from many countries in Europe is that in Spain several brokers can sell the same object, which means that the brokers have many objects for sale and that your home can quickly become one of the crowd.

What is important when selling your home is that you choose a broker who knows the market where you are located. It is equally important that you choose a broker who works actively and profiles your home for as many stakeholders as possible, including internationally.

Ready to sell or got some questions?

Buy or sell your home with Our agents. House prices, inspections, negotiations and other services are included in the house price.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about selling your home in Spain

  • With us you have a sales guarantee. If we don’t sell – you don’t pay any costs either.
  • We provide a professional presentation of your home with professional photos, at no extra cost to you.
  • Effective, digital marketing on the largest property portals and via our own distribution channels such as Spaniasommer on Facebook with over 14,500 followers.
  • We have good relationships with several Spanish banks who provide quick feedback on financing for potential buyers.
  • You get close and personal follow-up throughout the entire sales process.
  • We work closely with the well-reputed law firm Andersen & Bache-Wiig if you would like assistance with the legal process in connection with the property sale.
  • We know your market, and guide you safely through the process so that the home sale is a pleasant experience.
  • A copy of the deed – “Escritura de compra venta”.
  • Copies of any loan documents – “Escritura de hipoteca”.
  • A copy of the most recent water and energy bill.
    Completion – “Cedula de habilidad”.
  • A copy of the receipt for payment of property tax – “Suma”.
  • A copy of your Spanish identification number, NIE and passport.
  • A copy of the receipt for the payment of common expenses – “Recibo de la comunidad”.
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Marianne Holthe, Rentals & Coordinator

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